Winterfest 2019
Raffle Information Letter

The inaugaral Winterfest Raffle was a success. We had some excellent prizes donated by various vendors and were able to give away about $3.00 in value for every $1.00 in tickets purchased. This means that the raffle is simply one of the best bargains you will find at the entire event.

So you might ask how this is possible? Well, first off, Winterfest doesn't skim any of the money made from ticket purchases. For every one dollar of tickets purchased, one dollar of cool, new N Scale items are purchased. Then add to that the purchases are made from various Winterfest sponsors who give us crazy good prices for the items we purchase from them. Furthermore, the retailers and manufacturers DONATE items for our raffle. So if we take in $20 in ticket sales, we will buy a prize typically valued at much more due to the fact that the purchase will be made from one of our sponsors who will give us an awesome deal. Then, that same sponsor will likely donate something to the raffle prize pool, and we mix that in with donations from the manufacturers who want to see their coolest newest products out on public layouts ASAP. All those prizes are accessible through raffle ticket purchases.

So, no, this is not like the lottery. It is completely gamed in your favor. We will have some great prizes for this next Winterfest and we hope that everyone will enjoy it. Also, we will try to move things along a little faster this year :)

George Michaels
Assistant Chairman, Winterfest 2019

Cell: 469.682.1729

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