Welcome to the MaiNe Track Club Page.

MaiNe Track is an N-Scale modular group in Southern Maine. The modules are built following our own unique standards. This allows for modules to be setup together in a variety of ways, but each module will match each other exactly. We are an informal group, meeting at members houses in a round robin fashion. As a group we will be attending and operating at a variey of model railroad shows in the area. See our schedule for a list of places and times. MaiNe Track, although consisting of one group, is designed to have various groups in various parts of the state. If interested in joining our group, or are interested in starting a group in your area, contact us for more info.

While creative freedom is a trademark of MaiNe Track, there are certain limitations to the construction of the modules to ensure compatibility and trouble free operation. These are described in the following module standards.

MaiNe Track has an on-line discussion group you can join! Although created initially for the members of the group, the list has now been expanded to include discussion topics offered by other Maine area N-Scale enthusiasts.

Click on the link below to join in on the discussion.

Here are our Specifications:

Our Upcoming Show Schedule

For membership information, please contact mainetrack@ghmail.com.